How to be job-ready for a successful Dubai Expo 2020

Employee development is the key to prosperity for all businesses, regardless of the sector or industry. Employees are definitely the most important asset that any business has, and their development is fundamental to the overall success of a company.

As HR evolves in Dubai and the UAE at large, employee development has become important now and various consultants and agencies are helping companies focus on their staff and develop them to maximinise returns on business.

This, say HR experts, has become more important as the city gears up for Expo 2020. Learnactive, a Human Resource and Organizational Development consultancy, is focusing on educating companies and government entities to invest in professional employee development and training programmes in order to professionally manage expectations for the years running up to the Expo 2020 and beyond.

The Expo 2020 will attract 25 million visitors over six months, while creating 277,000 jobs. The most important issue facing the country now is ensuring 277,000 employees are trained, supported and developed over the next six to seven years in order to provide the economic and business support Dubai requires to be recognized as an internationally renowned destination for high caliber events like the Expo 2020.

“Dubai has the infrastructure to make this one of the most historic events in the Middle East, and in the world, however, we must remember that it is the everyday people who will support its success. Without professionally trained staff, development programmes and systems tracking performance growth, these people will not have the ongoing motivation and self-success to lead a business to its optimum levels,” comments Layla Halabi, Co-founder, Learnactive.

“The Human Resources (HR) industry in the UAE will see a dramatic change as all practitioners will be faced with a high stream of new recruits over the next six years while others may also see a high level of employee turnover due to better opportunities opening in the market. This fundamental process of any business requires professional HR practitioners who are supported with the correct tools and systems to optimize his/her duties and to ensure employee satisfaction.”

An HR practitioner’s role is far more in-depth than just recruiting and managing employees’ personal matters as they should perform ongoing training modules to employees across various levels of the organization. The role of training is not simply to deliver programmes or content; it has to improve performance to drive business results.

Under the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, the Expo 2020 will provide UAE businesses the opportunity to engage its employees with new opportunities, ventures, milestones and occasionally face obstacles that will require the most professional approach.

“By applying the correct modules to a business, employees are bound to build stronger relations among each other as the corporate culture develops and employees work in harmony due to advanced education about every role’s responsibilities, improved employee engagement and an enhanced working environment. These are the elements to incorporate in every business to ensure continuous success and a steady growth,” concluded Layla.

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