If you change sponsor, get new Emirates ID card

Any change to residence visa status will entail cancelling and re-applying for ID card as well

Transfer of sponsorship will entail cancellation of the National Identity Card and applying for a new one, according to the Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida).

Speaking to Arabic daily Al Emarat Al Youm, Dr Ali Mohamed El-Khouri said that since the identity card is related to the residence visa, when one changes his sponsor, he would have to get a new ID card as well.

“The departments of naturalisation and residency will immediately, in coordination with Eida, withdraw the identity card of an applicant who wishes to cancel his/her current residence status, or transfer sponsorship.

“The validity of the identity card is closely associated with the residence visa and once that is cancelled, the validity of the card is affected.”

He added, “For now the departments of naturalisation and residency in Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain are affected, as these are emirates which have linked the residence visa with the ID card.”He also said: “It is incumbent on residents in cases of transfer of sponsorship, to provide the identity card to the typing offices to fill the new registration form and identify the new data.” He said: “In cases of applying for a new residence visa, six months after the end of the former visa, it is incumbent on applicants to go get themselves fingerprinted again as well.”

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