Illegal migrant caught inside water tank

Customs police in the eastern oasis town of Al-Ain foiled an attempt to smuggle an Asian woman inside a water tank by a Gulf driver trying to cross the border into the UAE, the semi official daily Alittihad reported on Sunday.

Using advanced detection systems, police men found the woman, in her 40s, cowering inside the little tank and wrapped in a blanket in an apparent bid to conceal herself. Alittihad Arabic language daily said.

The unnamed driver from another Gulf country, aged around 55, tried to cross the border during Friday’s prayers to ensure the success of his operation.

“But the customs men seized him and the woman after suspecting his car,” the paper said, quoting Saleh Al Shamsi, head of Al-Ain Customers Department.

Alittihad quoted him as saying the driver and the Asian woman had been handed over to the competent authorities. It did not identify them but thousands of illegal migrants from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Asian nations had been seized while trying to sneak into the UAE through the border with Oman over the past years.

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