Illegal race near Al Ain kills teenager

An Emirati teenager was killed when his car exploded during an illegal race involving three boys with no driving licences, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The 17-year-old boy tried to overtake the two speeding cars racing ahead of him in Umm Aloush area near the eastern oasis town of Al Ain, but his four-wheel drive sharply swerved and went off the road after touching one of the two cars, the Arabic language daily Alittihad said, quoting police.

“It kept running off the road for nearly 187 metres before it burst into flames. The driver was killed,” the police said.

Quoting Brigadier Hamad Al Baloushi, director of Al Ain traffic police, the report said said the two other Emirati drivers were also around 17 years old, adding that the three did not have driving licences.

“Reckless driving always results in painful accidents, mostly deaths. We urge relatives not to give their cars to their children if they do not have a driving licence,” Al Baloushi said.

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