Indian honeymooners' destination of choice: Dubai a hotspot

Survey shows Dubai preferred for entertainment, leisure and "wonderful shopping experience". (Shutterstock)

It's the sun, sand and sea, and a little bit of shopping thrown in for the new honeymooners.

According to an independent survey by one of India's leading newspapers, newly wedded Indian couples have voted Dubai, Bali and Greece among their favourite honeymoon destinations.

The 'Times of India' survey explains that Dubai is preferred for its entertainment and leisure options and "wonderful shopping experience".

Bali was picked for those wanting a quiet, serene beaches, coupled with a rich cultural heritage.

Greece has also seen a spike in the popular charts, with honeymooners picking the fairytale-like setting on the islands over the others.

"While some prefer having a fun time partying out and shopping, others are interested in spending their quality time in relaxation," reads the newspaper report.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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