Inmates showcase their worth

Dubai prison inmates earn an average of 500,000 annually by producing and selling various products through the government’s rehabilitation programme, a senior official said.

The profits, which are distributed equally among both male and female inmates, earned through the production and sale of various products like handicraft, upholstery, cloths as well as furnitures.

The rehabilitation programmes are conducted by the General Department of Correctional institutions (GDCI).

Major Adel Jumaa Al Hallawi, Director of Supplies and Services section at GDCI shared the details with Emirates 247 on the sidelines of a handicraft exhibition that showcased products designed and created by inmates.

Around 200 inmates from varied nationalities are currently participating in the rehabilitation programmes, including 160 males and 40 females.

The exhibition at terminal three of Dubai International Airport Building, was organised by the department of monitoring and following up at the General Department of Residence and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai.

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director of General Department of Residence and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai who inagurated the exhibition has called on the authorities to set up a permanent center for marketing the products made by Dubai prison inmates.

Appreciating the high quality standards of the products he said “these products as good as anything similar that is found in the market, the products have the ability to compete in international market.”

In fact, according to Hallawi, the products that are showcased permanently at Dubai Jail, have participated with great results in the exhibitions across the Gulf as well as in international exhibitions.

Most recently, these products were sold out following an exhibition at Hamburg Gallery of Germany.

“The  products of inmates are exihibted in permanent exhibition in Dubai jail at Al Aweer, also participates in exhibitions at the level of the GCC countries, as well as at the global level and most recently Gallery Hmburj of Germany, where all products were sold” said Major Al Hillawi.

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