Insect in Air India flight meal?

An unidentified passenger aboard an Air India flight from Kathmandu has alleged a housefly wound its way into his inflight meal served on the Kolkata route.

India’s national carrier has swat down the allegation, stating the ‘veracity’ of the claim could not be verified due to a lack of sample for further examination.

The incident occurred on Saturday’s  AI 248 flight, when a passenger onboard reportedly claimed he found the insect in the meal served to him.

In its full statement, which the carrier posted on its official Twitter account, Air India clarified further saying: “AI clarifies that the incident about an ‘insect’ in the meal was brought to our notice by a passenger of KTM-CCU flight.

“However, upon request to examine, the food sample was not shared or returned to us for us to examine or investigate.

“We are thus not able to confirm the veracity of the claim being made.”

Air India further added it has laid down procedures on complaints, whereby it was imperative to have the specimen for to investigate.

Last month,  another controversy had brought India’s national carrier into the headlines when a passenger posted a picture of a live lizard that had allegedly crawled its way on to his meal tray on the AI 111 Delhi-London flight.

The airline had dismissed the report, calling it ‘false’ and ‘baseless’, but the four-legged lizard’s picture did go viral across social media platforms.

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