Instead of getting neighbour's wife… boss gets severe fractures

A Saudi man liked his neighbour’s wife. The neighbour was also an employee officer under him at work.

Neighbours for almost five years, the Saudi boss had his eyes on his officer’s wife.

According to the report that broke on social media, he tried to get into a relationship with the wife, who refused.

Then, he started threatening her that he will transfer her husband to a far district and she will have to live a difficult life.

The wife was scared and told her brothers, who planned a trap to catch him and teach him a lesson for messing with their sister.

The woman agreed to meet the officer at his house and on that day he made her husband come to work and stay for a long shift.

At the location, the wife’s brothers came instead and they beat up the man badly, causing him many fractures.

The man begged the brothers not to complain to police and end the case, but they went ahead and filed an official complaint at the police station accusing him for harassment and misusing his position.

The report went viral on social media.

Many who are from the same area where the incident happened accused the wife of having an affair with the man, and later, when her brothers discovered her affair she faked the story and said that he was threatening her.

Hamad, a Saudi man said that the story which is going on social media is a lie, and the wife is the liar.

“Anybody can accuse anyone on social media and start cursing them without proof.
“”I know that man and this woman was having affair with him, and she lied to her family and husband when she got exposed.”

Rana, another Saudi social media user, said it is obvious that the woman was having affair with the major.

“It is impossible to believe and no way the major would dare to offer her to get into a relationship with him if she did not like him or accepted to do so.”

On the other hand, many other defended the wife, and said that what happened to the major is the best punishment for what he did.

Nuha, a Saudi social media user, said that if the wife’s family kept quiet, then the officer would have repeated the same thing with other officer’s wives.

Reema, another Saudi girl said that the man deserves the punishment as he cheated his friend and colleague at work and should be ashamed of what he did.

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