Jet mishaps: Smoke; wheel ablaze

Two separate plane disasters were reported in the last 24 hours, and fortunately there has been no serious casualties.

Three passengers were slightly hurt while evacuating an American Airlines jet after smoke was detected in the plane as it prepared to leave Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

American spokeswoman Andrea Huguely (HEWG'-lee) says the crew of Flight 1658 deployed the emergency slides during Thursday's incident.

Huguely says American officials are trying to determine the source of smoke in the cabin of the MD-80 preparing to fly to Chicago O'Hare International Airport. There was no fire.

Huguely says the jet, with 146 people on board, had just pulled back from the gate when the incident happened. She had no immediate information on how the three passengers suffered minor injuries during evacuation.

Huguely says the jet was taken out of service and another plane would transport the passengers to Chicago.

Airbus wheel ignites on landing at Dallas

No injuries were reported after a landing gear on a Spirit Airlines jet caught fire while landing at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Airline spokeswoman Iraida Mendez says Spirit Flight 407 was arriving shortly before 1 pm Thursday from a three-hour flight from Orlando, Florida, when the wheel ignited. Airport fire units extinguished the fire quickly and passengers deplaned at the gate.

Mendez says the Airbus A-320 had 178 passengers on board.

The fire was the second incident to involve a flight arriving at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport on Thursday. An American Airlines flight was evacuated after smoke was detected in the cabin as the plane prepared to leave the airport. Three passengers were injured slightly when the plane was evacuated using emergency slides.

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