Maid becomes millionaire in Saudi Arabia

Indonesian woman inherits SR20 mn from late employer and husband

When an Indonesian housemaid travelled to Saudi Arabia nearly 10 years ago, she had apparently planned to make a few $thousands before returning home. Her dreams did not come true as she made a few $millions.

A few years after she settled in her job in the western Saudi town of Taif, her wealthy Saudi employer Ali Al Yami decided to marry his Moslem domestic servant. Two years later, he died and left her SR20 million (Dh20 million).

When the town court began distributing the funds left by Yami to their beneficiaries, the maid-turned-millionaire turned up with a new husband, a Yemeni man. And when the husband was asked about his bank account to transfer the funds, he insisted on receiving the money in cash.

“He was told by court that the sum is too large to be given in cash and that he should provide the judge with his bank account…but the man insisted on receiving the money in cash despite court warning that it is dangerous to carry all that money with him,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq said.

 “The maid’s marriage to her employer did not last long as he died later…he left behind a vast investment empire for his wife and other family members…after a few years, the court decided to sell all his property at the request of his family….it fetched nearly SR300 million, of which the Indonesian woman was granted SR20 million.”


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