Maid calls sponsor before flying home: I stole Dh20,000

A housemaid called her Kuwaiti sponsor before boarding the plane back home to tell him that she stole KD2,000 (Dh20,000 approx) from him.

She told him that she stole this amount from him over the period of time she worked at his house.

The maid also cursed the sponsor and challenged him and said he cannot do anything to her as she was boarding the plane back home.

This report from Kuwait went viral on social media yesterday.

Maryam, a Kuwaiti girl, said the housemaid must have been living a miserable life at her sponsor's house and that is why she called him.

Many others said that if the sponsor called the police, they could have stopped the plane.

Some said that it is the mistake of the sponsors and they must be more careful with money to avoid being victims of thieving housemaids.

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