Man claims 2-day old iPhone 6 burst mid-call

An Indian is taking an Apple dealer to court after an iPhone 6 he purchased days ago burst, mid-call.
Kishan Yadav was lucky and did not suffer any injuries as he threw the phone out of the car when he saw sparks coming out of his phone.

Media reports quoting the man said the phone burst immediately after it hit the ground.

Yadav who first went to the dealer asking for a replacement phone has now registered a police complaint regarding the incident.

Reports say the man had purchased the new iPhone 6 for Rs60,000 (Dh3,473) on June 18 from a retailer in Delhi.

It is still not clear if the man was using a car charger or if the phone was being charged at the time of the call. This is not the first time an iPhone 6 has caught fire.

There were several incidents in the US last year about iPhone 6 devices catching fire, many of them when they were still in users’ pockets.

Apple has not officially commented on what is causing iPhones to catch fire. There have, however, been earlier warnings about using third-party chargers.

There have been several previous incidents of iPhone 5C catching fire including the when a 12-year-old in the US almost burnt herself when an iPhone 5C she had kept in her pant pocket caught fire.

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