Man hurls lover through window for fear of wife

A Moroccan man who brought his girlfriend to his first-floor apartment had two choices when his wife suddenly returned home - either to face her or to throw the girl out of the window. His fear of his wife overpowered his fear of killing the girl.

“He simply carried the girl, rushed towards the window and hurled her out,” a police official said, quoted by Moroccan newspapers.

The man has just brought the 17-year-old girl into the apartment when his wife knocked at the door, the papers in the north African Arab country said.

Police said the girl was seriously injured after hitting a wall and was rushed to hospital.

The man was arrested on charges of endangering the girl’s life, the papers said without mentioning the wife’s reaction or where in Morocco the incident occurred.

Bangladeshi kills friend in Saudi after political argument

A Bangladeshi worker used a sharp object to kill his friend in Saudi Arabia after a heated argument over the political situation in their home country.

The killer then dumped the body in a deserted area in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah and planned to sneak out of Saudi Arabia by handing himself to authorities as an illegal migrant, newspapers said.

They quoted police as saying investigation later led to the killer who was hiding at a friend’s house in the neighborhood.

“He confessed to killing his friend after an argument over the political situation in their country,” the Arabic language daily Okaz said without identifying the two.

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