Man rapes fiancé’s sister at gunpoint

Victim accuses him of using dogs also to coerce her

A 32-year-old Algerian woman identified, AF, has accused her sister’s Egyptian fiancé of raping her after threatening to shoot her with a gun.

The incident took place in 6th October City after police received a tipoff from the Algerian victim accusing the Egyptian fiancé of her sister of raping her, the Al Watan daily reported.

Police investigation found that the accused sexually abused the victim at gunpoint and bullied her with dogs inside his villa and he managed to escape after committing the crime.

“I went to discuss with the accused engagement issues with my sister. But he forced me to accompany him to his villa. On the way he locked the car doors and pulled out a pistol and threatened to shoot me. He sexually abused me at gunpoint and used his dogs to coerce me,” the victim told police.

The police arrested the accused and referred him to the prosecution section. Prosecution ordered the victim will be subjected to forensic tests to confirm her charges.

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