Maniac Monday: Early morning 4-car crash jams traffic to Sheikh Zayed Road

Accident happened near Wafi Mall area

Early morning traffic from Sharjah to Dubai was further clogged this morning due to a four-car crash along Garhoud Road.

A reader reported in saying: "Accident on Sheikh Zayed Road [coming] from Sharjah side. Four cars involved." 

He said the accident happened near Wafi Mall area resulting in long tailbacks, even on the other side of the road as passersby rubbernecked to get a glimpse of the reason why traffic was moving so slowly on the the other side of the road. 

'Emirates24|7' has reported that morning rush hour traffic is back to its clogged snail's pace as was witnessed during the heydays of 2007 and 2008. 

Accidents further bottleneck the already slow-moving traffic resulting not only in frustration for the motorists and school-going children, but also loss of office time.



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