Marry me or pay me Dh250,000... or else

Lovelorn romeo threatens to publish pictures after break-up

A Bahrain-born man who does not hold identification documents has allegedly threatened his Emirati beloved with publishing her pictures and SMSs on the web if she does not pay Dh250,000 or marry him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

FAG, 31, director, did not accept any of the threats and instead told her parents who lodged a complaint with the police.

In 2005, FAG met NAM, 34, who met her specifications for her future husband through a website for marriage seekers. Their relationship developed to the extent that she was sponsoring his higher education, but FAG was shocked when she knew that he does not hold identification documents after two years of their love affair.

“Although I loved him and supported him morally and financially to become in the same social rank, education and money wise, I asked him to break the relation because I am sure that my parents will not accept him as a husband being a non-Emirati," she said.

He refused to break up and instead he started following her in his car on her way to work and at work used to call her.

One day while she was on her way to work he showed an enlarged picture of her and told her that he would throw copies on the street.

He also threatened that he will deliberately defame her reputation at work by telling her colleagues about their love affair. She stopped her car and cried before him.

All her SMSs and direct pleas to break up especially that her parents have actually refused him when he asked them for her hand did not work but made him angrier. He then threatened with publishing her personal pictures and those of her house and cars on the internet, she testified before the prosecution.

“I offered to pay him Dh100,000 to leave me alone, but he did not accept and as he knows I get Dh30,000 monthly salary and that I have a number of cars. He asked for Dh250,000 and advised me to sell my cars to pay him the amount to break up or to marry him,” she testified adding, “he continued his threats over a year and a half and as I got depressed of him I told my parents who lodged a complaint with the police.”

Police found in his mobile 12 pictures of various women, four of which are of the victim. They also found threatening SMSs on the victim’s mobile in addition to others on sent from his email to her email.

The court adjourned the case to November 3 as the accused failed to attend the hearing.

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