Masseuse ‘confines’ male informer

A female massager allegedly ‘confined’ a police informant who approached her as a customer, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.
In order to avenge the informant, the staff at the centre alleged that he molested and attacked them. They also claimed that they confined him as he failed to pay Dh150 after getting massage.

However, the Sudanese informant, AS, 35, who works as a PRO, testified that he was asked by his employer to check the massage centre’s licence, which operates on the ground floor, as the licence had expired.  “My employer asked me to inform DED inspectors and help them get into the center. When I approached the DED officials, they claimed that they could not get into the centre as it was always locked.”

Inspector FA, said, “We asked the Sudanese employee to help us get in. We agreed with him that he would pretend as a customer and get in.” So on May 5, 2015, we went to the building.

The two inspectors stayed out, while the Sudanese went in.

The owner of the centre feigned ignorance and expressed shock to learn that the licence had expired.

The following day, however, the Sudanese discovered that the staff at the massage centre had filed a complaint against him claiming that he molested them.

The manager of the centre also claimed, that they had to lock in the Sudanese because he refused to pay Dh150 after receiving a massage.

DED inspectors, meanwhile, testified that the Sudanese was merely helping them and the claims of the staff are false.

Residents of the building had previously complained that the centre offers immoral services.

The court will reconvene on May 2.