Mom is betraying dad: Girl says on air [video]

An Egyptian girl went on air to tell a local TV channel that her mother is betraying her father and that her fiancé had abandoned her because of this.

Marwa, speaking on air to 'Alhayat' channel, said she had caught her mother red-handed betraying her father and that she had fallen out with her.

"My mother knows another man and my fiancé has left me because of mom is betraying dad... When I confronted her, she denied although we are sure of this after we saw her," she told the female announcer by phone during a programme attended by a local Islamic scholar.

"I hate her now and I don't want to talk to her  any more. I need to know if what I am doing is right or wrong," she added.

Answering her, Sheikh Ashraf Al Feel told the girl that she should not fall out with her mother and that she should talk to her and try to correct her.

"You should talk to her to know the reasons why she is betraying your then try to gently guide her to the right way and correct her."

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