Moving jobs, marriage, divorce... Emirates ID will know your details

Eida is ready to provide all the necessary support to government and private institutions that want to use the ID card. (File)

Any addition or change in the status of a Dubai resident such as birth, marriage, divorce, nationality, residence, death, religion, qualification and employment status will be immediately updated in the Emirates ID, according to the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida).

The authority and Dubai Courts have recently signed an agreement for e-connection and data sharing in order to facilitate instant update of the population register system upon registration of or amendment to the civil incidents by Dubai Courts.

The primary aim is to utilise the functions of the 'smart' ID card which is mandatory for all UAE nationals and expatriates.

The move will ensure accuracy and integrity of the data transfer process maintaining confidentiality during the sharing process and saving such data accurately.

Under the agreement, Eida will provide Dubai Courts with the infrastructure required for e-connection that supports safe data acquisition and exchange with the population register database.

Moreover, the courts will approve the ID card and number as a prerequisite for the registration of civil incidents, and set guidelines and instructions for its customers about the need to show the ID card as a main document for the registration process.

The agreement entails Dubai Courts sending all civil incidents to the e-connection system upon registration and establishing a control and monitoring system to ensure operation of the e-connection system around the clock.

The sending of an incident relating to any transaction to the e-connection system will be a basic step to complete the work procedures without which the transactions cannot be completed.

# Ready for more services

In January 2016, Emirates 24|7 reported that Eida was ready to provide all the necessary support to government and private institutions that want to use the ID card.

“We confirm our readiness to provide the necessary support to those wishing to take advantage of the potential available in the identity card.

"The ID card's smart chip can bind customers’ records by ID number or upload basic data of cardholder field storage allocated by the authority for this purpose, all within the chip,” the authority said in a statement sent to this website.

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Dr Saeed Abdullah bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli, Director General, Eida, reiterated that the authority is seeking to achieve inclusive e-connection between it and various UAE federal and local government institutions.

He pointed out that adoption of the ID card number in organizing the registration of individual data and arrangement of the institutions records ensure absence of duplication of records or data overlapping as there is a unique and special number for each person.

The number cannot recur and cannot be changed or re-used even after the death of its owner.

The number will be logged into the population register system, printed on the front of the ID card and stored in its electronic chip for optimal use.

# No identity theft possible

Emirates 24|7 has also reported that ID cards are completely safe and no one can steal any data stored in the ID card chip without knowing the PIN – the four-digit number that is chosen by the card holder.

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