Mystery of abandoned building in Dubai

Officials claim it is unfit for occupation while neighbours speak of ghosts

Mystery of the abandoned building in Al Khail Gate in Dubai continues. It is almost six months since occupants vacated the building, and there is no sign of people moving in.

All three main doors of the building No 33, which used to house McDonalds staff, continue to remain locked and chained. While officials claim that it is unfit for occupation, some residents of the community told 'Emirates24|7' that they have heard stories of the building being 'haunted'.

Al Khail Gate is managed by Salwan, a subsidiary of Dubai Properties Group.

A Salwan staff told this website on condition of anonymity that the building continues to remain locked as no maintenance has been carried out so far. However, he did not elaborate on why no work has been initiated even after six months ofthe building remaining vacant.

Earlier reports had claimed that the residents of the building vacated the place believing that it was haunted.

Residents of the community told this website that they have all heard the “ghost story” but do not believe it to be true.

“I had never felt any such experience during the last 10 months I have been living here. Although I was worried the first few days after reading reports about ghosts in the building, it soon eased. Initially even I had felt that certain things went missing. But then it could just be psychological,” said Jais John, an Indian living and working in the UAE for the last six years.

According to another resident there were reports about illegal activities in the abandoned building that forced officials to secure all the doors. “We have heard stories about strangers illegally entering the building for unlawful activities. A man was also caught with a woman in one of the ground floor apartments. Some people had even tried to enter the building by opening the window on the ground floor,” said the resident.


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