Mystery shrouds building No 33 in Al Khail gate

An abandoned building at Al Khail Gate in Al Quoz is shrouded in mystery as stories abound that the building is haunted.

Once occupied by McDonals staff, Building No. 33, at the gated community now stands vacant with only a few signs that life once prevailed in its interior, weekly tabloid XPRESS reported.

Spoofed former residents claim that they have had scary experiences in the building, which made their employer shift them to another building in the same locality.

"There had been stuff - toothbrushes, mobiles, items - that seemed to disappear when you're not paying attention and then turn up somewhere again later," said Marilyn, a McDonalds crew, who lived in the building before shifting another.

However, representatives of the community’s real estate agents rubbish any stories of mystery, saying the building along with another, was vacated due to maintenance issues.

"Take me out of this conversation about ghosts. There was a huge maintenance issue with that building… another building had the same issue because it was the same contractor that built them. It needs complete renovation," said Ashraf, a supervisor of Salwan, the leasing arm of Dubai Properties which owns the development.

The maintenance problem was confirmed by a security guard working in the area as well as an employee of Idama, the facilities management company in charge of maintenance.

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