Newborn abandoned in The Gardens

The Gardens residents were shocked to find a newborn girl abandoned near an apartment block.

The baby girl, who was found by a cleaner wilting under sunlight on the steps of Block 67, had her umbilical cord attached and was probably only hours old.

The cleaner alerted the security and people gathered and informed police as the word spread quickly, reported Gulf News

"She was wrapped in a pink blanket. A bottle of milk was left by her side along with some clothes. She was very fair. We suspect she was dumped within hours of being born," a resident in a neighbouring apartment block, among the first ones to rush to the scene, was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

"Her umbilical cord had not yet been cut. We didn't know how to handle her. She was facing direct sunlight and looked uneasy. So as we waited for the ambulance, we got some guards to sit around her and form a shade," he recalled.

According to sources, the infant is recuperating well in a local hospital, even as the police has launched a hunt to find abandoned child’s mother.

However, it would be an uphill task considering the size and population of the 220-hectares residential area.

It was unclear whether the area is covered by CCTV surveillance, if yes, the CCTV footage could help the police lead to the mother.

This is the third newborn abandoned in the UAE this month, as two more cases were reported from Sharjah in the first week of this month.

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