Newspaper slams 'dancing' Saudis abroad

A Saudi newspaper Thursday devoted its main page to launch a virulent attack on nationals who travel abroad and indulge in mixed-gender parties, dancing and spending their nights at pubs.

Sharq Arabic language paper said many young Saudi who travel on holidays abroad dump their local traditions and plunge into obscene parties, night clubs and mixing with the other sex.

The paper ran the story along with several pictures and films showing Saudi girls with boys and other local men and women dancing in parties. One picture showed a Saudi scattering money notes on the head of a singer in a pub in Syria.

“Many of those young men and women just break their country’s traditions and decent religion once they are out of Saudi Arabia as if those traditions are confined only to home not abroad,” it said.

“Many Saudi female students have been seen mixing with men….many Saudi women have been seen with unveiled faces filled with make up in the streets of Cairo and Malaysia…many Saudi families have been seen at night clubs…many Saudi young men have been seen at pubs and obscene parties….and many Saudi women have been seen dancing in public place.”

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