Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet + 6-inch phablet Lumia 1520 unveiled

Nokia has taken the plunge into the tablet world with a 10-inch tablet.

The mobile phone company unveiled its plans to launch a tablet in a series of new announcements as part of a global launch in the UAE today.

Called the Lumia 2520, it will cost $499 before taxes in the US and will be available in the UAE next year.

It will come in four colours Black, White, Cyan and Red. The keyboard will cost an additional $149.

Nokia has invested in creating a custom display and in terms of brightness it can be viewed in bright sunlight and is glare free.

Made from ‘gorilla glass’,  Nokia says the Flipboard app will be on Windows tablet for the first time.

Lumia 2530 comes with a Zeiss Optics with 6.7 megapixel back camera and 2 MP front camera.

Nokia Music and Maps come pre-installed as does Microsoft Office and Outlook.

A Nokia power keyboard comes wrapped around the tablet. It can be unwrapped to create a fully-functional keyboard and has a battery backup capable of running the tablet to 15 hours.

Fifty per cent of the battery can be charged in 40 minutes.

6-inch phablet


Nokia also announced the launch of its 6-inch phablet, Lumia 1520.

The phone will have a full-HD display, quadcore snapdragon processor, and the black version made of recycled polycarbonate.

Nokia announced it has introduced another column of ‘live' tiles on the Lumia 1520 and enhanced the camera feature with a 20 mega pixel and with optical image stabilisation, providing excellent low light features.

A new app Nokia Camera will offer three different camera modes.

The Lumia 1320 will be available for $339 and will more affordable compared to Lumia 1520, priced at $749.

Nokia has also introduced the ‘Nokia Beamer’ to share pictures with friends

7GB of free cloud storage is also on offer. 

3 new Ashas

Nokia has also expanded its Asha range with three new models and enhanced the camera features. The Nokia Asha 500 with 2 MP camera will be available for $69.

Asha 502 with 5MP for $89 and Asha 503 with 5MP camera a 3G connectivity for $99.

The models will roll out in Middle East Africa and Asia before Christmas. 

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