10 Yemeni journalists killed by Houthis

Ten Yemeni journalists were killed and 16 others abducted by Houthi militants and forces loyal to former President Saleh, reported ‘Emarat Al Youm’.

The Yemeni News Agency quoted Marwan Dammaj, Secretary-General, Yemeni Journalists ' Syndicate, as saying during a meeting organised by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in Brussels, that reporting in Yemen is risky. Journalists in Yemen are in real danger and are tortured and physically assaulted and threatened, too.

He said: “We have evidence that detained journalists are subjected to torture by Houthis and forces loyal to Saleh.”

Journalists in Yemen live in fear and work in very dangerous environment as they can be arrested any time.

The Yemeni Alliance, monitoring human rights violations, recently published a report on violations and crimes committed by Houthis militants and Saleh forces. According to which, at least 25 media institutions were looted or destroyed.

According to the report, Houthi militia and forces loyal to Saleh took control of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology and has taken control of ‘Yemen.net’  company, which is the only provider of internet.

Meanwhile, IFJ has submitted a plan to address the appalling conditions journalists face in Yemen.

The objective of the meeting was to highlight occupational safety of journalists in Yemen and to discuss means to support Yemeni journalists. 


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