500 couples to tie the knot in Saudi

A Saudi city is bracing to stage one of the Gulf country’s largest mass weddings involving 1,000 men and women within an ongoing drive to cut marriage expenses, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.
The wedding will be staged in the western town of Madina in June and each couple will receive SR5,000 ($1,350) as a gift from the local Usrati (family) Society, headed by the city’s Prince Abdul Aziz bin Majid bin Abdul Aziz.
“The 500 couples have already started special courses on how to have a successful marriage and form a good family,” it said.
A local company has also donated electric appliances worth $1,350 to each couple after marriage, the paper said.
Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil producers encourage mass weddings in a bid to reduce marriage costs following a surge in such expenses with the discovery of oil. Local newspapers have reported that some weddings cost over $one million.
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