A Kuwaiti version of Santa Claus

Film shows little girl distributing presents to children, needy people

A little Kuwaiti girl named Lulwa took her parents on a shopping spree through the city and stopped only when their car boot was filled up. The presents were not for herself but for ill children and the poor.

Lulwa, seen smiling throughout the 101-second film published on U-Tube, appears to have surpassed the task of the legendary Santa Clause by giving away presents not only to children but to adults and elderly poor people.

The film is entitled “Lulwa makes happiness” and starts with a song saying “if God bless us, we pray and give…I hope we all go to paradise.”

By Saturday, more than 570,000 viewers have seen the film, which showed the pretty girl handing out massive gift boxes to children at hospitals and to seemingly poor people she saw haphazardly in the street.

The Dubai-based Al Bayan Arabic language daily and other newspapers in the region carried the impressive film, which they said was supported by Lulwa’s parents and edited by well known Kuwaiti journalist Nassir Al Mujail and TV director Abdul Rahman Al Khulaifi.

Lulwa’s father said they agreed to make that film in order to document such “beautiful moments so Lulwa will not forget them when she grows up.”

“I’m giving food to the needy to make them happy,” Lulwa said during the film ”I’m also going to give gifts to the children to make them joyful.”

A quote by Lulwa’s parents was shown towards the end of the film, saying :”Lulwa did not help others but she’s learning herself how she must live…...what if all of us became….. Lulwa.”


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