20 air stewardess vice-ring busted in Saudi

Saudi Arabia’s feared religion police smashed a prostitution ring in the Gulf Kingdom’s second largest city, involving at least 20 airline stewardesses of Arab nationality, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice had watched the ring for more than four months in a bid to trap its leader, who was also caught with the other members, the Arabic language daily Sabq said in a report from the western Red Sea port of Jeddah.

“The ring leader had been very careful and had managed his ring only by phone. It took the Commission members at least four months to get him,” it said.

The paper said the Arab ring leader was hunted when Commission members, acting on a tip off, seized a stewardess with a Saudi man at a coffee shop.

After interrogation, she confessed to be a member of the ring and was asked by the Commission to contact her boss and pretend she wants a new date.

“The ring leader sent her a car and his driver, who used to get SR200 for every trip. The driver confessed to his crime and led police to the leader,” it said.

“About 20 other Arab stewardesses were also arrested. Investigations showed each used to get SR3,000 ($810) per night, part of which is paid to the ring leader,” the paper added without revealing the employing airlines.

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