Accountant acquitted of forging boss's signature

The Dubai Criminal Court acquitted an Egyptian accountant from forging his Saudi employer’s signature on a letter and a form for transferring a private PO Box of his Saudi employer to a company owned by the latter (the employer).

Supporting the forgery of employer’s signature, the records mentioned that the same pen was used for filling the PO Box transfer form and signing on the form.

AFK told prosecutors that he took the pen with him and travelled to Saudi Arabia and took his employer’s signature on the form.

The Saudi employer Riyadh Abdul Aziz, 40, who owns a company in Dubai, told the prosecutors that he started suspecting the 47-year-old accountant. “I came to know that AFK processed transactions including with the government department without informing me and by forging my signature.”

Abdul Aziz who is an employee in Saudi Arabia told prosecutors: “Checking with the Post Office, I found out that my private PO Box has been transferred to the company’s name. I found out that there was a letter on the company’s letter head stating no objection of the transfer in addition to a transfer application. As the two documents have been signed by someone else I lodged a complaint with the police,” Abdul Aziz testified.

Suspecting the authenticity of the signature on the letter and the application, Abdul Aziz told the prosecutor that the pen used in writing the letter and filling the form was the same one used in the signature. “How can the accountant take the same pen he wrote with, with him to Saudi Arabia?”

The criminal evidences could not affirm nor deny the authenticity of the signature when examining them with that of the complainant.

The criminal evidences, however, reported that the two documents carried the same signature. The application carried the name of AFK as the company’s PRO.

In a previous hearing the accused denied the accusation but confessed to writing the letter and filling the form.

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