Arab Parliament condemns UN blacklist

Speaker of Arab Parliament, Ahmed Al Jarwan, denounced the recent UN report that blacklisted the Arab coalition in Yemen claiming it caused deaths of children.

He said the UN blacklist represents an accusation aimed at a noble mission that is being carried out by the Arab Coalition for the Yemeni people and against terrorists and rebels.

In a statement, he said blacklisting those who are defending legitimacy, protecting civilians and carrying our reconstruction in Yemen is ‘offensive, unusual and unacceptable’.

He noted that the whole world praises the Saudi-led Arab Coalition for protecting civilians, security and freedom in Yemen from the aggressors who are rebel Houthi militia and forces loyal to now-ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

He said the Arab Parliament closely follows the humanitarian and ethical aspects of Operation Restoring Hope and the Arab Coalition's efforts to provide aid to Yemeni people, and children in particular. "The UN blacklist contradicts facts on the ground."

He criticised the UN report about Yemeni children for its "double standards" and slammed the international organisation for overlooking Israel's crimes against Palestinian children.