Battle of billionaires: Mine is bigger than yours – super-yacht, that is

Saudi Prince Alwaleed building world’s largest luxury yacht to beat Russian tycoon’s current record-holder

Russian business tycoon Roman Abramovich will soon end up on the losing side of the clash of the titan(ic)s, with work going on full swing to manufacture a new mega-yacht that will reportedly eclipse Abramovich’s Eclipse super-yacht, the current world record holder with a length of 164 metres.

The new Dh2.27 billion mega-yacht, codenamed Project Azzam, is expected to be a huge 180m in length, and is reportedly being built for Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

The Middle East’s richest capitalist, Prince Alwaleed is ranked by Forbes at #29 in the world in terms of his personal wealth, estimated at $18 billion by the magazine. For academic reference, Abramovich, owner of football club Chelsea, is ranked #68 by Forbes, and his personal wealth is estimated at $12.1 billion by the magazine.

Details of the new mega-yacht were revealed late last month. Project Azzam is rumoured to be 16m longer than Eclipse, and is being built by a German firm.

According to, “Currently in construction at the Lürssen Yachts facility in Germany, this floating behemoth is officially set to become the largest yacht in the world once she has been completed.”

“Very little is known about this project, however sources have informed us that Lürssen has had to move the new Top 100 yacht to their floating dock in an attempt to attach the bow,” said

According to the Daily Mail, Lürssen refused to discuss the top secret yacht although rumours in the industry are that it is being built for Saudi billionaire AlWaleed bin Talal. adds that once the bow is attached, the yacht will be assembled in the floating dock, which sources say is up to 220m long.

“Her exact length remains unconfirmed at this moment in time, all we do know is that she is bigger than Eclipse and could be anywhere between the rumoured 180m and up,” it says.

“Project Azzam will undoubtedly remain shrouded in mystery; however, we look forward to bringing you the updates on the world's largest yacht, every step of the way,” it adds.

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