Bosses mad at Google's doodle Olympic games


Google is spoiling employees at their workplace with no work and only play.  It's making everyone walk, run hop and jump.

And today you can gently row your boat down the stream in google!

Tomorrow, you might have start training in real for the next Olympics… because you might be out of a job.

Google’s doodles are blazing an Olympic trail with their daily desktop (or smartphone, tablet) games – leaving bosses fuming.

While the London 2012 Olympics has TVs across the UAE and Dubai switched on 24|7 to channels showing the Olympics, HR managers, line managers, department heads and CEOs are wondering how to get productivity back on line.

Captivate Network, a leading digital media company specialising in work-related information was quoted by online news sources as estimating that the time employees will waste by watching the Olympics at work could cost US businesses $650 million.

For the manager of a logistics firm here in Dubai the scenario is becoming a nightmare.

Asked not to be named, he told this website, “This is a slow time for us without having to deal with the Olympics.

“It is summer and Ramadan. Now the last thing I need is people stuck on the Google doodle.

“I am going to ban it in my office.”

Niloufer K, who heads the HR section of a large property firm, says as long as staff don’t go overboard (not with the swimming doodle yet), a little bit of Olympic doodling is alright.

“That’s all everyone is talking about, so it is understandable,” she says.

A sports lover and online games fan who works for a major media house said that the doodle is a cool way to take a break.

“Rather than a cigarette and a coffee, now I can play an Olympic sport,” he quips.

For the UAE too, many key events are being held right in the middle of the workday and when they are not, Google is keeping the fever alive with its Olympic doodles

Like we said, first it was hurdles then basketball today rowing what's tomorrow? Watch this space.


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