Brother impregnates mentally-ill sister twice

A 21-year-old Egyptian man is accused of raping his mentally-challenged sister over three years, reported Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper.

During this time she gave birth to a baby boy, and is pregnant again, the paper added.

The child lives with the family comprising the accused, his sister and their mother in a one-room apartment in Al Abour city.

The mom said that she was aware of her unwell daughter being raped but she was helpless as she had to go out to feed the family. She is a vegetable vendor.

The mother also confessed that she had decided to do away with the baby once her daughter delivered, but she could not as the girl became too attached to the baby.

She told families in the neighbourhood that the baby was their relative’s.

However, recently, when the girl became pregnant again, she was spotted by residents outside who alerted police.

The accused has been arrested and referred to Public Prosecution.


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