Burned man drops case against wife

A Saudi man who suffered from injuries when his jealous wife poured hot water on his face dropped a court case against her but decided to divorce her, a newspaper in the Gulf country reported on Sunday.
The 26-year-old man from the eastern town of Dammam accepted pleas by relatives and friends to drop the case and asked court to divorce them and order her to pay back dowry he had paid her when they married.
The unnamed husband had filed a court case against his wife after she boiled water and poured it on his face while asleep because of her jealousy.
The wife had told court that she had done so because she was maddened by her husband’s fondness of Facebook.
Sabq newspaper said last month that the wife had moaned many times on her “handsome” husband to remove his photograph from Facebook and ignore women who stare at him every time the couple goes out but he would not listen.
“The wife then waited for her husband to fall sleep, boiled water and poured it on his face,” the paper said in a report from the eastern Saudi town of Dammam.
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