Cancer victims are 'martyrs': Saudi scholar

People dying of cancer are considered martyrs in Islam and the disease could be a chance for victims to clear their sins, a senior Saudi Islamic scholar has said. “People who die of cancer are martyrs as those who die of plague and tuberculosis,” said Sheikh Abdullah Al Mutlaq, an adviser at the Saudi royal court and member of the supreme scholars authority.

Saudi newspapers said Sheikh Mutlaq made the comments during a meeting with members of the Saudi committee for combating cancer.

They quoted him as saying victims of cancer and other killer diseases should be “patient and pious” to ease their suffering.

“Suffering from cancer could have advantages as it is better for a Muslim to meet his Lord after such a suffering than a one who dies suddenly without having a chance to get rid of his sins,” he said.

“Cancer could somehow be a boon for its victims as they can use what is left of their life to indulge in benevolent acts, clear their sins, repent their mistakes and return to God the Almighty.”

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