Car brakes fail at 190kmph; Driver saved

Scores of police cars escorted the Hyundai Intra-2015. (Sabq)

A Saudi driver with faulty car brakes at 190kmph managed to stop the vehicle by ripping off a wire under the wheel, instructed by police tailing him for a long distance.

Scores of police cars escorted the Hyundai Intra-2015 while other patrols cleared the left lane for the driver on a long motorway outside the capital Riyadh.

As the driver approached the end of the motorway, he received instructions from police experts to try and rip off a wire embedded under this wheel.

“After taking the wire off, the car started to slow down and the brakes were returning to normal. The driver then managed to stop the car and emerged out safe,” 'Sabq' Arabic language daily said.

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