Child defies security men to reach Morsi

Egyptian President stops speech at gathering to kiss girl and listen to her mum

A little girl defied an army of security men at a public gathering in Cairo to reach Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who stopped his speech to have her lifted to the podium and kiss her head. He then met her mother and listened to her demands.

A two-minute U-Tube film carried by regional newspapers showed the little girl, wearing red jumpers and blue jeans, was arguing with the security men who tried to stop her.

When she managed to push her way through, she stood near the platform and waved to Morsi. The girl appeared to have cried as she was carrying a piece of paper, which she handed to the President as he had her lifted up and kissed her head.

Aides then beckoned to her mother to come to see the President.

Wearing a scarf around her head, the woman approached Morsi and talked to him briefly as he bent down to hear what she was saying amidst deafening noises by the crowd.

Newspapers said that Morsi, who won the presidential elections in June, listened to the woman’s demands and asked her to leave her phone number with his aides.

“She told him she does not have a phone…the President then asked her to leave her address and someone will visit her soon,” one paper said.

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