Child rapist’s wife asks for divorce

The wife of a Saudi man who had raped 19 little girls over the past four years is seeking a divorce after telling police she believes her husband had committed such crimes, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The woman said her husband used to take her and their children to relatives then return home apparently to commit rape crimes.

“She told investigators that when once she was visiting relatives, she received a phone call from neighbours telling her that they heard a child crying inside her apartment,” Alsaudi Arabic language daily said.

“The wife’s statement is another evidence incriminating the rapist after most of his victims recognised him and DNA tests confirmed he is the serial rapist.”

Police caught the 42-year-old Saudi school teacher last week after a search of nearly four years, during which he raped 19 girls aged below 10 years in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah. If convicted, the defendant will be beheaded.

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