Dad cracks skull of 2-month-old daughter

A Saudi man in his 20s cracked the skull of his two-month-old daughter after severely beating her up, before trying to commit a suicide over a rift with his father-in-law.

The baby’s mother called her father, who rushed the girl to the hospital before informing the police about the incident.

“When he knew what his father-in-law did, he tried to commit a suicide by drinking chlorine.

“He was rushed to hospital while his daughter remained bed-ridden at another hospital suffering from skull fracture,” ‘Sada’ daily said in a report from the Saudi town of Hail.

Man stabs wife then commits suicide 

A Saudi man stabbed his wife in the chest and shot himself in the head apparently after thinking she died, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Following a heated argument at their home in the western town of Mualla, the man, in his 30s, stabbed his wife in the chest then used his gun to kill himself.

Police said the woman was recovering in hospital after she was found bleeding by relatives, adding that the husband shot himself in the head.

“Police are investigating the case and a source said the husband killed himself after thinking he had killed his wife,” ‘Sabq’ daily said.


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