Dad raped daughter for seven years

A Saudi man raped his teenage daughter for nearly seven years and told police he had done so because he should be given priority over other men with whom she had an affair.

Saudi police arrested the 42-year-old man, a drug addict and alcoholic, after his wife reported him to the police when she was told about the rape by her daughter.

The unnamed man is now in police custody in the western town of Makkah pending trial and his 38-year-old Saudi wife is insisting on executing him although she is pregnant in her sixth month.

“The father told the police that he had found out that his daughter had a relationship with many men and that he should be given priority over them…police sources said he confessed to raping his daughter since she was 11 years old until she was 18,” 'Sabq' daily said.

“He used to wait until his wife goes out of the house to rape his daughter, who had suffered tremendously but was too scared to reveal it to any one…finally, she told her mother who was stunned and could hardly believe what her daughter said to her.”

The paper said the wife told police that her husband’s “heinous” crime had destroyed her daughter’s future and the entire family.

“I demand qasas (death punishment) for him…it is impossible to drop this demand under any circumstances,” she said.

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