Daylight rape: Woman abducted from mall

A man used spray to drug a newly-wed Saudi woman as she was about to enter a shopping mall in the middle of the day then took her to an apartment and he raped her. When he finished, he drove her back to where he plucked her.

The unnamed woman, in her 20s, told police an unknown man rushed towards her as she was entering the shopping mall in the western town of Taif and sprayed drug at her face.

“The woman said she started to lose consciousness when the man carried her and put her in his car… he then drove to an apartment in town and raped her,” Sabq newspaper said.

“When she woke up later, the man had already raped her…he then forced her into his car again and drove her back to the mall.”

The paper said police had mounted a manhunt for the rapist after the woman gave them his descriptions and the area where she was taken after she saw street names on signboards on her way back.

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