'Dead dummy' triggers panic on Saudi road

Drivers jammed a road in Saudi Arabia while some women screamed after seeing a presumed local man dangling by a rope from a causeway above their heads. The man later turned out to be a dummy.

Police said they were flooded by calls from drivers about the dead man, who was first believed to have committed a suicide and hanged himself by the causeway on the road just outside the southern Saudi town of Abha.

“Police rushed to the scene and took the body down…it turned out to be a dummy dressed in a white dishdasha (gown),” Sabq daily said.

“It was clear that some young men hanged that dummy by the bridge to harass people and cause panic, mainly among women.”

Child killed after falling on knife

A five-year-old Saudi boy was killed after falling on a knife that was fixed upwards at his house in the Gulf Kingdom.

Newspapers said the boy was rushed to hospital after the knife pierced into his chest but died shortly after arrival.

“His father told police it was an accident as the boy fall on the knife while he was playing,” Sabq daily said in a report from the northwestern town of Tabarjal.


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