'Dead' Jordanian wakes up inside morgue… but freezes to death

A Jordanian man declared dead and sent to the morgue in Jordan returned to life and tried to smash his way out but froze to death.

Masoud Al Hamdouni, a school teacher, was pronounced dead by doctors at Princess Basma Hospital in the northern town of Irbid after suffering from a heart attack.

After Al Hamoudi was sent to the morgue, relatives requested to see his body again, prompting his doctor to order morgue workers to bring the body back.

“A coroner report proved that Al Hamdouni woke up inside the morgue on Saturday and tried to get out. He appeared to have struggled to get out before freezing to death,” said Qassim Al Masri, head of the teachers’ association in Irbid.

“The report showed that Al Hamoudi had tried to move his hands and legs inside the morgue chamber. Traces of foam were also found on his mouth.”

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