Dying man’s heart touching advice: Always be optimistic

A young Saudi man who died of cancer left a touching message on his Twitter page, saying he was satisfied when he learned of his imminent death and urging friends to be always optimistic to enjoy their lives.

Abdul Aziz Mousa, who died on Monday, said he had been told by his doctor that chemical treatment was no longer effective in his case and that he must accept the fact that his death could come in just a few weeks.

Alsaudi Arabic language daily said Mousa wrote his message on March 18 just a few day after the doctor revealed that painful fact. It published a copy of his message which it said was revealed by his friends just after his death.

Following are excerpts of Mousa’s message: “When they doctor told me this, I felt that a cup of satisfaction has been poured into my heart and I remembered that God the Almighty is compassionate and merciful….

“Dear friends, life is sweet with optimism…what afflicts us should not depress us and we should remain optimistic….here, I remember my mother who has given me much of herself, her services and her feelings….she could not stop her tears when I told her what the doctor said to me but I begged her to be patient and that I accept what my Lord has decided for me….

“My brothers, when you think it over, you will realize that life is not endless……man has no choice but to do good things in life so he can meet his Lord…..I pray to God the Almighty to have mercy on all of us, give us a good ending and let us into his paradise….Amen.”

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