Filipina returns lost wallet to Saudi owner

Naeema Cindy Bucay is a native from Mindanao. (Arab News)

A Filipina nurse returned a wallet containing an ID card, driving license, cash and various credit cards to its Saudi owner who had apparently dropped it on the road in the Gulf Kingdom, a Saudi newspaper reported on Monday.

The Saudi national, who had lost his wallet in the capital Riyadh, was at first unreachable, as he was spending the last 10 days of Ramadan in a mosque.

“It all started at around 10 pm on Friday when we were caught in the traffic jam.

"We decided to get out of the taxi and cross the road instead. While walking, I spotted a wallet on the street and picked it up,” Naeema Cindy Bucay, a native from Mindanao, told the English language daily Arab News.

The woman, who works as a staff nurse in Riyadh, said the owner of the wallet had left no contact address in his wallet, adding that she decided to report it to Arab News for possible assistance.

In his wallet, there was a Visa Card that indicated his contact information at the bank, the paper reported.

It said it approached a branch manager of the bank at Hayat Mall, Mohammed Al Falaj, who found the mobile number of Abdul Mohsen Al Manei.

 “While we are now in the last 10 days of this blessed month of Ramadan, this is such a commendable gesture by sister Naeema,” Al Falaj said.

“She really deserves our highest appreciation and thanks. This is a wonderful initiative and thank you so much for this.”

The paper quoted the brother  of the wallet owner as saying: "I really didn’t expect that my brother’s wallet would be returned. I am grateful for the Filipina nurse.”

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