Girl's tongue stuck in water container

'Sada' newspaper carried this picture without specifying the girl’s age.

Saudi doctors struggled to save a little local girl after her tongue was caught inside a water container while she was playing with it.

The girl was pushing and pulling her tongue out of a hole in the container when it got stuck and she failed to take it out.

Doctors at King Fahd Hospital in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah raced against time to free the tongue after the girl started to feel numbness in her mouth.

“In the end, they managed to take the tongue out of the container. The tongue was pulled out safely but the girl was kept in hospital for observation on that day,” 'Sada' newspaper said without specifying the girl’s age.

Man’s hand caught in car petrol tank

A Saudi man’s hand was caught inside a car petrol tank but civil defence men used cutting tools and other stuff to free the hand.

The man was taken by an ambulance to hospital in the capital Riyadh after the civil defence units dismantled the tank at the man’s private garage.

“The civil defence units worked under medical supervision to free the man’s hand. It was pulled out of the tank safely,” 'Sabq' daily said.

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