Grateful woman lands in trouble

A pretty Moroccan woman hunting for a rich husband in Saudi Arabia was close to fulfilling her life dream when a Moroccan barber she had met by accident promised to bring her that husband.
On the next day, she met that rich man and both were so attracted to each other that they quickly agreed on a date for their marriage.
She was so happy that she insisted on rewarding her compatriot, who reluctantly agreed to meet her at a coffee shop.
"When they met, he was stunned after she offered him her body for two days to show her gratitude for him," Sabq newspaper said in a report from Riyadh.
"After he was out of his shock, he was so angry and upset that he phoned the police and told them about her as he did not want to stab her future husband in the back since he was his friend…the woman was arrested."
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