Houthis violated ceasefire truce

The Yemeni Government confirmed that rebel group Houthis violated the ceasefire truce more than 15000 times as reported by Arabic daily Al Bayan newspaper.

Meanwhile Raj Bady the Yemeni Government spokesperson told Al Bayan that the Houthis and the ousted militia president breached the truce about 15652 times.

He added that these violations have multiplied its forms between heavy weapons shelling and firing on civilian neighborhoods, government institutions and health centers.  

He also said that not only those place but also in popular resistance areas the truce was violated that led to killing 381 people, 1446 persons were injured.

On the other hand, Brigadier Samir Al Haj the spokesman of the National Yemeni army told Al Bayan that they have obtained information that Houthis and ousted militia president committed mass executions of prisoners.

He added that currently massive investigation conducted to stand on the facts behind such information and the army leadership is waiting for official confirmation from the organization committees.

Also Aden governor Aidarous Al Zubaidi, emphasized that the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen is going to be removed like in Egypt.