Illegal migrant arrested in Saudi... for 41st time

But he vows to return to Saudi once he is out of jail and deported

A Yemen man who was arrested 40 times by Saudi police and deported back home for illegally entering the oil-rich Gulf Kingdom for begging was seized this week for the 41st time, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Dubbed as the “infiltration expert,” the man has been jailed pending his deportation again but he vowed to sneak back across the border.

“When police arrest him, he shows no fear or anxiety as he knows well that the punishment will not exceed a few days in prison before he is deported back to Yemen,” the Arabic language daily Alriyadh said.

“When police arrested him in Riyadh this week for begging and staying in the country illegally, he said he would be back soon.”

The paper quoted the unnamed man as saying that sneaking into the Kingdom across the border with Yemen has been very easy for him.

“It only costs me a new shoe,” he said. “I use it to walk in the desert as smuggler drop me just before a border check point and I keep walking away from that point until I am inside Saudi Arabia…there, I find other smugglers who just feel sorry for me and take me to the city…they never asked me any questions.”

Anti-tribe comments cost professor her job

A Saudi university sacked an Arab female professor after students complained that she made hostile comments against one of the leading tribes in the oil-rich Gulf kingdom, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The teacher at the faculty of education at Hael university in northwestern Saudi Arabia was told to stop working with immediate effect, Aleqt Arabic language daily said, quoting Maad Al Amer, the university’s spokesman.

“We investigated the issue and found that the teacher went out of her way in class and made indecent comments against a famous tribe,” he said.

“After verifying those comments, the university’s administration decided to suspend her and end her contract immediately,” he added without naming that tribe.


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