Kuwait denies “bad mouth smell” traffic ticket

Kuwait’s interior ministry denied that one of its policemen had issued a ticket impounding a driver’s car for two months because he has a bad mouth smell.

In a statement carried by the local press on Sunday, the ministry said a copy of the ticket published in some newspapers had been tampered with apparently by that driver, who turned out to be outside the country.

“Investigation with that police man showed that no such ticket has been issued that the copy carried by some newspapers was tampered with,” it said.

“The phrase ‘bad mouth smell’ was clearly added illegally to the ticket…investigation also showed that the concerned driver has been outside Kuwait since July 17…the report about such a ticket is totally baseless.”

Early this week, the Kuwaiti Arabic language daily Alanba published what it said was a copy of the ticket which stated the reason for the penalty against that driver as “foul smell of the mouth.”

“The driver was shocked but he admitted that his mouth smells,” the paper said on Tuesday. “Police sources said they were extremely surprised by the ticket but did not know what to do and whether the bad mouth smell warranted the seizure of the car for two months…they were also more shocked when they learned that the police man complained that he was harmed by the smell.”

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